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Please read the following terms and conditions before you register as a tutor. You have to follow and accept these terms and conditions in order to register as a verified tutor.

  1. Your status must be a Malaysian citizen. You need to have minimum academic qualification and good grades in the subjects that you wish to teach.
  2. HOMETUTOR2U will charge you between 20% - 50% of the 1st month tuition fees as a commission. The subsequent months 100% of the tuition fees will be yours.
  3. The tutor must notify our agency immediately in case unable to start any confirmed job.So that we will have enough time for a replacement. However this is not encouraged.
  4. If the parents or you terminate/cancel the tuition within 1 month, we will collect 30% of the total fees you collected from the parents.
  5. We would not collect any payments from the tutors if the tuition cancelled by the parents after the first class. We are also not responsible for the first class payment after cancellation. It’s the tutors responsibility to collect the payment from the parents.
  6. Tutors must be ready to produce all the relevant identification or academic documents for verification if needed.
  7. Tutor who fail to turn up for the tuition session without giving any notice, will be blacklisted and a penalty will be charged as compensation for our coordination effort. This is necessary to protect our image and ensure the quality of our service.
  8. Tutor must teach, behave and dress professionally when on duty to fulfill the duties/image as a tutor.
  9. Tutor are strictly prohibited to discuss any sensitive matters such as race, politic, etc.
  10. Tutor is not allowed to conduct any forms of private arrangement with the parent that may jeopardize the interest of our agency without prior written consent of the agency.
  11. Any attempt to cheat or deprive hometutor2u of its legal share of commission, will result in legal actions being taken.
  12. We are not liable for conflict or disagreements between the tutors and the students/parents. Hometutor2u will not be the mediator for any conflicts or disagreements that arise between the tutor and the student/parents. However, we are always prepared to offer our views and suggestions.
  13. Hometutor2u reserves the right to add, modify or delete any information on this website at any time without prior notice.
  14. You are solely responsible for the information provided to Hometutor2u. Hometutor2u shall not be liable for any misrepresentation, fraud, or inaccuracies of information provided by you.

Hometutor2u.Com will not be RESPONSIBLE OR LIABLE for any conflict or disagreement on any form of damage caused in connection with your use of our website.

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